As the fashion industry flourishes more and more, there becomes space for various types of modeling with each passing day. Each type of modeling is unique in its own way, giving individuals who seek to pursue modeling a wide range of opportunities for them to try their luck.

This post discusses the top 7 types of modeling and how one can pursue either of them based on various niches.

The Top 7 Types of Modeling
The more the culture grows and modeling becomes a much-celebrated profession to be pursued, the longer gets the list of opportunities for people who want a career in modeling.

Some of those types of modeling from the list are discussed below.

#1 Fashion Editorial Modeling
Editorial Fashion Modeling includes posing for editorial purposes. This type of modeling involves getting shoots done for editorial pages or magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Forbes, etc.

If you want to be the face of a brand in a magazine, then fashion editorial modeling is just your type.

#2 Commercial Modeling
The name says it all. Commercial modeling involves shoots that are meant to promote a brand or a product. This requires hiring models for commercializing products to convince end users to buy certain products or shop from a specific brand.

#3 Fashion Catalog Modeling
Fashion catalog modeling is similar to commercial modeling, with a few exceptions. The goal is to promote and advertise fashion pieces, events, or products that are relatively affordable and high-street fashion compared to luxury fashion brands.

#4 Promotional Modeling
This type of modeling requires models to interact directly with the end-users. These models are needed to be exceptionally stunning to achieve the goal of driving consumers' demand to purchase a product or shop from a particular brand.

Such type of modeling strives to attain consumer appeal for products, services, or brands.

#5 Fitness Modeling
A fitness model requires more than just a good physique. In fitness modeling, the models are hired to display their lean physical appearances to portray fitness and health.

Such modeling may also promote the use of products that aim to provide better health and physique.

#6 Runway Modeling
We are perhaps most familiar with this type of modeling. The models for runway modeling are hired to showcase attires designed by fashion designers that walk up the runway or ramp as we commonly call it.

Runway modeling advertises fashion styles to the world.

#7 Freelance Modeling
Freelance modeling does not require models to sign in with particular agencies. In this modeling niche, the professionals do not need to be bound with a single client and can work simultaneously with a diverse clientele.