When you envision a modeling career, you first think of the commercial swimsuit advertisements across the beaches of Miami. But you must know that Florida is so much more than just sandy beaches.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to get into commercial, editorial, or high fashion modeling; you’ll find an array of options that you can consider when seeking talent representation.

Before you think of diving headfirst into the dynamic world of modeling, you need to make yourself aware of the market dynamics. Read ahead to learn more.

Understand The Modeling Industry In Florida

If you’re somewhat familiar with people in the industry, make sure you speak to them. Doing so will help you learn more about what you need to improve.

Taking advice and inputs from those in the field for a while will allow you to broaden your horizons and work towards being a better model, enabling you to build an immaculate portfolio.

The modeling industry can be different for every city, so you must be mindful of how you go about your research for each city.

Florida Has Top Modeling Agencies

Florida is listed among the top states where models come to find success. The modeling industry is healthy and has ample work for different models.

The spectrum of modeling is broad, with a good number of top-rated modeling agencies in Florida. Your goal must be to contact an agency where you can submit your portfolio and get shortlisted easily.

Inclusive Agencies Are Taking Over

Agencies in Florida provide models of different body types, sizes, and ethnicities a platform to live their aspirations. Some models have risen to a significant reputation thanks to social media sites. In contrast, others have benefited from substantial breaks from prominent modeling agencies.

There’s Room For Everyone In Commercial Modelling

Fashion modeling requires women to be specific, making it difficult for non-conforming people to get in. The standards and requirements set for fashion modeling are challenging to reach, which subsequently chips away at aspiring models’ self-esteem. In comparison, commercial modeling is open to a much more diverse chunk of people.

The Average Salary For A Model In Florida

Since you are passionate about modeling and making a career out of it, you should know that the hourly salary is $27.31, which could vary depending on how big or small the project is.

In addition, if you’re highly versatile and experienced, you may get paid more than the average hourly wage set in the state of Florida.